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I lost my AVR GCC installation on the upgrade to OS X Lion and I can't remember where I got the previous version from.

There's CrossPack and OSX-AVR binary packages, and you can compile the tool chain by hand to get the latest version (for example, see Option 3 at but you'll need to apply the latest gcc patches).

MacPorts can download, compile, and install AVR GCC 4.0.2, but since moving to Home Brew for other application installation I was disappointed to find there isn't an official AVR GCC formula yet, but as luck would have it Lars Immisch has written a set of formulas to install GCC 4.6.1, they haven't been pulled into the main Formula repository yet so the simplest way to install is:

git clone
brew install homebrew-alt/avr/avr-libc.rb

If you don't have brew check its homepage for installation details (a one-liner)

avrdude is available in the standard formula set:

brew install avrdude --with-usb

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